Chayora in the News

Chayora’s CFO Qingyuan features in April edition of Data Economy – “How China’s data centre economy will grow in the post-COVID-19 era”.

As China gradually, cautiously emerges and recovers from its Coronavirus lockdown, it’s clear that video streaming, e-commerce, games and other businesses that rely on data centres will be in a stronger position, says the CFO of Chayora, Qingyuan Li.

During the lockdown, one of the largest video streaming and games services broke down, “because the whole nation was trying to hook on to it”, she recalls. “They know they have to expand their capacity, not in a linear fashion but in an exponential fashion. They know they have to prepare for investment, and get more data centre capacity.”

And the locked-down people in China survived with the aid of e-commerce. “Our lives can really survive by a few clicks on your keyboard. E-commerce companies are potentially very large customers for us.”

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