Chayora Shanghai Data Centre Campus

Shanghai is one of China’s largest cities and is situated on the banks of the Yangtze River. The city’s development in the past few decades has made it one of the most important economic, commercial, financial and communications centres of China.

The city has a population of circa 25 million and is developing rapidly as one of Asia’s largest financial centres.

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The Shanghai Site

In Shanghai, Chayora is developing an international data centre campus that enables multi-national corporations to develop global standard data centres to support their enterprise and cloud requirements.

Shanghai Data Centre – Site Overview

  • Chayora’s Shanghai Campus is located c.80km from the Shanghai Pudong CBD
  • Campus area of c.50mu / 8.5acres / 3.33 hectares
  • Fully permitted, ESA power and fibre secured, ready to construct multi–phased options: construction underway
  • Our modular concept design, based on the Chayora Standard Design developed in Tianjin, is fully customisable for Built to Suit customers and larger colocation or wholesale requirements
  • 120MVA / 60MVA of dual-feed gross power sufficient to support 48MW+ IT load on a 2N supply
  • Dual routed, independent connection power supply through separate dedicated sub-stations
  • Full renewable energy options are available
  • Physical access control security, full infrastructure management and site operations
  • Directly owned (100%) land and assets by Chayora
Chayora Shanghai Datacentre

Shanghai Data Centre – Key Benefits

  • Phased development and opportunities for scalable growth to match customers’ business expansion
  • ESA-assured power secured to meet customers’ immediate and future needs
  • Access to Shanghai CBD via ultra-high speed connections
  • Carrier-neutral with a wide range of telecom services will be available from tier-one carriers as well as other tier-two carriers (including China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, CITIC)
  • Flexibility to interconnect and cross-connect within the campus
  • Fully Chayora-licensed (IDC, ISP and IRCS) operations and managed to international standards in engineering, facilities, security, construction and overall performance
  • Highly competitive power tariff and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with assured PUE
  • Complete BPO (Data Centre as a Service) possible to exacting standards
  • Dedicated international supply chain
Chayora Shanghai Datacentre from above

Shanghai 1 Campus

Shanghai 1 – Campus Layout

Shanghai 1 – Design Principles

Standards Like our existing Tianjin campus, Shanghai will be Uptime Tier III & OCP READY™ accredited
Design Principles (in each of the 3 buildings) Each floor designed to a high level of availability and flexibility. Able to seamlessly scale up from an IT load of 2 MW up to 4MW and to accommodate a minimum of 672 x 19” racks, at power density from 4kW up to 15kW/rack without special modifications.

Level 1: Office & Mechanical Plant; Level 2-6: Data Centre; Level 2-6: Flexi Space / Office along perimeter; Roof: Cooling Towers

Power Density 4kW – 15kW / rack (higher densities can be accommodated)
Rack Count (Per Floor) A minimum of 672 nos. 19” racks @ 6kW/racks (wholesale)
Floor Loading 15kN/sqm
UPS Redundancy DR (N+1) configurable to 2N with up to 15 mins battery back-up
Generator Redundancy N+1 with 12 Hrs diesel fuel backup (all genset based on continuous operation)
Chiller & Mechanical Cooling Redundancy N+1 with 15 mins cooling storage backup
Power Topology for Chiller & Mechanical 2N with A & B source from UPS backed utility power, Gensets as a backup power
Environmental Envelope Temperature: 23 – 27 deg C; Humidity: 30% – 70%
Annualized PUE Less than 1.25 (annualised average)
Monitoring Power / temperature monitoring @ individual rack basis
Security Minimum 8 layers of security checks using access cards, iris scanner and video analytics
Fire Protection Pre-action sprinkler, gas suppression and VESDA

Construction Progress

Data Centre Locations

Our Approach to Siting Data Centres in China

Our business is focused on creating the essential infrastructure for multi-national corporations, enterprise occupiers and colocation operators requiring data centre facilities in China. Operating in key locations across China, Chayora develops large, fully licensed sites for data centre construction and operations and access to the internet. All Chayora sites meet international construction, management and security standards and typically offer 300MW of grid power supply with an objective to supply more than 50% of power from clean, green and sustainable power sources. The sites are fully provisioned and offer world-class fibre connectivity from multiple providers.

On Chayora sites customers can choose from different service options and expansion potential including Powered Land, Build-to-Suit, Assured Scalability and Wholesale Colocation.

Site Selection Criteria

  • Direct and aligned political support: license and strategic interest
  • Wide client demand
  • Power price & availability
  • Suitable land availability
  • Fibre connectivity
  • Water supply
Chayora Data Hall