Assured Scalability for international and domestic customers

The Challenge for domestic customers – finding a data centre offering fully-powered internet connectivity and proximity to key locations with the ability to scale up as organisations grow – but at a competitive price with exceptional services and capabilities to internationally recognised standards such as Uptime certification.

The Challenge for international customers – China is a massive and fast growing market and offers huge potential but uncertainties prevail. How big could it be for each international business, how fast will it actually grow and how to secure assured scalability and cost assurance?  Everyone involved in China understands that initial entry is complex and that licensed operations are fundamental and can be very costly, first movers with smart solutions providing commercially viable options will secure the best position.

As cloud services platforms grow, site selection and in-house facility teams face a challenge to support rapid and unpredictable IT infrastructure deployments. Initial tactical requirements may be modest; however, growth over time could lead to requirements in the 10-20MW range or to larger, campus-scale sites.

Business-focused data centre service providers need a new, hybrid approach to data centre provisioning that sits between tactical and strategic colo and large scale self-build production facilities to meet these uncertain and fast-changing needs.

Chayora is able to deliver these innovative, business-relevant solutions.

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Our Assured Scalability Solution

Assured Scalability Solution Overview

Our Assured Scalability data centre model is based on a ‘pay-as-you-grow’ principle. We will design, build and operate a dedicated data centre on one or more of our sites enabling a reference environment to be established from initially just 2MW. Based on anticipated scale magnitudes, we will deliver an operating environment that will grow when you need it according to your market developments. The terms of our agreement will be centred on assured cost, quality and speed.

  • Standard building options.
  • High quality fully modular design.
  • Industry-leading energy efficiency.
  • Single data halls to dedicated campuses.
  • ‘Destination’ features & business support.
  • International standards.
  • Secure operating environments.
  • Incremental capacity in multiples of 1MW at 100 business days’ notice
Assured Scalability form Chayora

Assured Scalability – Key Benefits

An innovative client business-focused solution that…

  • Responds to the uncertainty (and reality) of the world’s biggest online market.
  • Provides assured scalability without limit through a development partnership.
  • Provides operational cost certainty.
  • Delivers financial flexibility and options for the C-suite to consider.
  • Maximises economies of scale and purchasing power through standardisation.
  • Gives client-specific customisation achieved through clear technical options.
  • Offers further tailoring to meet long term growth needs up to campus solutions.
  • Fast provision of additional data centre space.
Chayora Shanghai Datacentre from above